Surrounding Area

Restaurants & Bars

Kohraku Shokudoh
A typical local eatery serving good Okinawan food.
Five minutes by car.

Sakae Ryori-ten
Friendly staff and very good food using fresh Okinawan ingredients. Fifteen minutes by car.

Coconut Moon
A beach bar serving tropical drinks and simple but tasty bar food. A few minutes by car.

Banjutei Soba
A very popular soba shop serving some of the best Okinawa soba on the island.
Fifteen minutes by car.

Yomitan Monogatari
Excellent Okinawa-style pub with original Okinawan dishes and outstanding service.
Twenty minutes by car.

A very relaxing atmosphere and good local food.
Twenty minutes by car.

Fresh local seafood with a friendly atmosphere.
Twenty minutes by car.

Things to Do

Cape Maeda
One of Okinawa’s most popular diving and snorkeling sites.
Five-minute walk.

There are three local beaches within walking distance and several others within a fifteen-minute drive.

Nature Walks
Three nearby trails offering fantastic views and tranquility.

Forest Adventure
Enjoy zip-lines and ropeways through Okinawa’s sub-tropical forest.
Five minutes by car.

Cape Zanpa
A beautiful park with exceptional views of the coastline and nearby beaches.
Fifteen minutes by car.

Zakimi Castle Ruins
A World Heritage Site from the Ryukyu Kingdom era.
Fifteen minutes by car

Ryukyu Mura
An educational theme park showcasing Okinawan culture and traditional customs.
Five minutes by car.

Yomitan Pottery Village
A village of artisans where you can observe and buy Ryukyu pottery, glass, and other traditional crafts.
Fifteen minutes by car.

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